zFinal Production

Content by: Ms. Demmel

This Page includes production order and notes. To see what I'm working on (ideas, music, dances I'm considering) see my "Working Ideas" page.

house to half
house out
(curtain- if we can't get longer launch countdown to run during intermission)
LCD go

First broadcast and Video on MTV.

"Video Killed the Radio Star" (3:09) PROJECTION
Choreography and performance by: Dance Ensemble, Honors Dance
Choreography arranged by: Angela Demmel

“I Want My MTV” ad- projection

V.J. spot:

JV segment PROJECTION or Live (build a TV Frame and have live MTV VJs?)
Hi, I’m… (explain VJ…)
Remember, MTV did for TV what FM did for radio. Hey, do you know someone who STILL doesn’t get MTV? Help those poor souls out by telling them to call their local cable companies for details on how they can “stereo-ize” their TVs.

Right now, 4 in a row, including, Herbie Hancock’s Rock-it, Madonna, and later, the king of pop, Michael Jackson; but let’s start off with a favorite by Journey.

Anyway You Want It (2:44)
Danced by: Concert Dance and Dance Focus
Music by: Journey

Rockit (3:23)
Choreographed and danced by: Stephanie Narciso and Reliann Viray
Music by: Herbie Hancock

A Tribute to MJ (3:33)
Danced by: Felicity Chen, Mariel Dologmandin, Melissa Fernandez, Mariah Garcia, Jenna Gomez, Stephanie Narciso, Cynthia Pillay, Mia Vicedo

Commercial- Apple computer PROJECTION

Blah, blah, blah…
Top of the hour, power block of videos… right after these messages.

Cyndi Lauper Tribute (4:30)
Erin de Leon, Jenna Gomez, Kate Nguyen, Alexandra Rebosura, Mia Vicedo

The Metro (4:11) This dance was scrapped in the original- Ideas were to film on BART. Do we use it? Scrap it?
Choreographed and Danced by: Felicity Chen and Mariel Dologmandin
Music by: Berlin

Scientific inventions (3:52) PROJECTION

Whip It (2:41)
Danced by: Concert Dance and Dance Focus
Music by: Devo

Break Up Ballads (12:00) PROJECTION This needs to be shortened and probably re-filmed
Dancers: Felicity Chen, Melissa Desuyo, Johanna Olson, Alexandra Rebosura

German Invasion
Choreographed and danced by: Erin de Leon, Mariel Dologmandin, LaRissa Sterling, Samantha Squellati
Music by: Falco, Nena, Taco, Trio

World events (3:11) PROJECTION

No School Like the Old School
Danced by: Brittany Andres, Erin De Leon, Mariel Dologmandin, Mariah Garcia, Stephanie Narciso, Cynthia Pillay, LaRissa Sterling, Mia Vicedo, Reliann Viray

Material Girl (4:00) PROJECTION This DEFINITELY needs to be re-filmed

Mickey (2:40)
Danced by: Veronica Alfaro, Mariel Dologmandin, Madison Irons, Kim Katen, Johanna Olson, Stephanie Narciso, LaRissa Sterling, Mariah Garcia, Samantha Squellati, Mia Vicedo
Music by: Toni Basil

Come On Eileen (4:15) PROJECTION Re-film: use current boys. Corinna as Eileen?

Hazy Shade of Winter (2:47)


And now for some MTV news. Many of us were up late last night watching this years Grammy awards. In case you missed it, here’s a run down of the top winners of evening.

The big winner of the night was We Are the World - USA for Africa, taking home
Record of the Year, Song of the year, Best performance by a group and Best Music Video. Album of the Year went to Phil Collins for No Jacket Required while Sade was ushered in as the 1985’s Best New Artist.

Up next, Simple Minds with “Don’t You Forget About Me”. This single, featured in the newest Brat Pack film “Breakfast Club is enjoying a top spot as the #1 single on the US Billboard Hot 100. I checked out “Breakfast Club” last weekend. Totally awesome flick. Dude, I wish detention was that gnarly when I was in high school.

Rubik’s Cube (1:50) PROJECTION Rotating Rubik's Cube

Danced by: Nikki Bargas, Franchesca Courtade, Shilpa Daliparhty, Alyssa Gonzales, Madison Irons, Kim Katen, Abigail Lirio, Ashley Ma, Samantha Squellati
Music by: Yello
Special thanks to Gary Gongwer

Don’t You Forget About Me (4:21) PROJECTION This was the Senior dance. Seniors could pick a new song- or just choreograph a better dance. I like this song. It was my Jr. prom theme song, I think... or Senior Ball... somethin' who remembers that kind of crap?
Danced by: Felicity Chen, Mariel Dologmandin, Melissa Fernandez, Mariah Garcia, Eleanor LaBarbera, Stephanie Narciso, Cynthia Pillay

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
Full cast

(Total time: ...)

Finale ends
Curtain call, dancers perform choreographed exit.
Clip from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"

Curtain closes slowly as Ferris walks back down the hall- fully closed by end of scene.

House lights up.