Content by: Veronica and Kim

-more slang
-how to talk like a valley girl


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sup !
I'm awesome!
this Solid dude just walked by!
Oh my God are you kidding me!
he was so fresh!
man, I wish I saw a fine man!
but his homeboy was like a total dweeb!
Ew. Gag me with a Spoon!
fer shur! I was like ew grody!
It was like Grody to the max.
was it like totally one of his B.F.F.'s?
totally! It was bogus.
thats like bogus.
But like his personality was like totally bangin'!
like gnarly! i wish i was you!
Take a chill pill girl!
I'm not done yet!
this part is totally crucial!
ok, finish the 411!
Those B.F.F's like totally asked me to chill with them and their homeboy's at the first MTV showing!
and they like so told me to bring a homegirl with me!
No way, girl, I so like better be your homegirl, or im going to be like so ubber upset! like totally!
don't be such a airhead!
your my girlpal so ofcourse it's you!
Oh my God, i am like totally juiced!
I swear I'm about to have a cow!
this is going to like be the bomb!
I am totally stoked!
I just can not like wait, it's totally on my mind 24/7 now! OMG. You are so my B.F.F
stop schmoozing up to me girl!
we got to get ready!
And like you better totally remember NOT to dress like a Joanie
Totally, Like what should I wear? and i so totally wont dress like Joanie, like ew, gag me with a spoon!
wear something like hip to the max cause like you dont want to look ill
Like wear an Icy shirt and some gnarly kicks and some mondo to the max jeans!
Totally, I fer shur like get you!
We are going to look so tuff!
You know it girl! like totally tuff!
I 'aint trying to look like totally lame and grody!
So later days homefry!
okay, so like i will see you tommorow. like what time? i totally did not get the 411 on that part!
like totally get real!
oh my god im sucha a ditz, it starts at like midnight, so a little before like oh my god i cant believe i said that!
like..i totally cant believe you said that
that comment is like to the curb
i was like totally was acting like a dipstick. and i didn't even use those the right way. like OMG
no fake. like totally.
you are acting like such a noob.
im like sorry, i have like alot going on, so like totally see you tomorrow?
cheuuuh! Later days and Better lays homegirl!

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