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Average ticket price in 1980- $2.69

This is a trailer for the original 1985 movie "The Breakfast Club" This movie was about Five students ( the jock, the brains, the princess, the criminal, and the cook) Who all had saturday detention. Going into a miserable day that they all thought would be miserable, turned their lives upside down. After smoking some marijuana and pouring their hearts out to each other the became best friends, But to each other they would always be known as "The Breakfast Club". Later on in the rest of the movies these five actors were in many movies together and became known as "The Brat Pack"
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This is the 3rd movie that was made in the Star Wars the trilogy series. "Return of the Jedi" had one of the biggest box office appearances in the 80's. After the first movie came out in 1977 there were instantly a huge hit. George Lucas (director) was inspired by going to the serials (Short little episodes) as a kid with his family. Growing up Lucas' imagination grew and so became Star Wars. A captured Han solo has been captured and frozen in carbonate and is now at "Jabba the Huts" palace. A bounty hunter (Bobba Fett) Has captured Chewbaca as well. Luke Skywalker a Jedi in training comes to save his friends and when he finds out that before he can become a Jedi he Must confront Darth Vader (his father one of the leaders of the empire(the evil team)). He then finds out he has a twin sister Leia, (Leia doesn't yet know about Luke being her brother) and in the mean time has to come up with a plan to deactivate the shield generator on the Death Star ( a horrible weapon developed by the empire) and save both him (Luke) and his sister (Leia) from their evil father.
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1982; E.T.

Elliott (Henry Thomas) finds E.T., a visitor from another planet left stranded on Earth, hiding in his backyard and, like any kid who finds a stray, decides to keep him. Hiding the alien from his mother (Dee Wallace), Thomas and the neighborhood kids befriend the creature.

The Terminator Movie Trailer.

A cyborg is sent from the future on a deadly mission. He has to kill Sarah Connor, a young woman whose life will have a great significance in years to come. Sarah has only one protector - Kyle Reese - also sent from the future. The Terminator uses his exceptional intelligence and strength to find Sarah, but is there any way to stop the seemingly indestructible cyborg ?

Star Actor Jennifer Beals stars in "Flashdance". Alex Owens (Beals) was a young woman in the working class, she had to job a welder, and a exotic dancer. SHe has a dream and she will do just about anything for it, that is to get into ballet school. This clip is the last dance in the movie were she was dancing in front of the judges to get into the school. They don't like her at first when she falls and dances the same as all the rest of the dancers, but when she starts adding some hip-hop and some break dancing the judges can't resist her. This clip was the most popular part of the movie after this came out people started wearing leg warmers and hip-hop and breaking dancing were more popular then before.

Kevin Bacon stars as " Ren McCormack" a new kid in town who loves to dance! But when he finds out that dancing and rock music are banned from the town by the reverend, he knows he has to fix it. It all started off when his crush Ariel (daughter of the reverend), who had a boyfriend named Chuck Cranston and after and incident with her boyfriend Her father band dancing and rock music, but with senior prom just around the corner he knows he has to fix it! With these restriction not applied outside the town there was one place that senior prom could be held, the old grain mill, and that's where it was. Just outside city limits where they couldn't get caught!
The Brat Pack

The members are: Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy. ( Mathew Broderick, John Cusack, Robert Downey Jr and even Tom Cruise.)

The “Brat Pack” was a group of young actors and actresses that became famous in the 1980s and frequently appeared in films together.

(1982) Tron



Doc: "Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads!"

Marty: "Doc, you built a time machine... out of a Delorian?"

"We're gonna turn this town upside down!"
"Goonies never say die"
Pat Morita: "Wax on, wax off"

Ralph Macchio: "Hey, wouldn't a flyswatter be quicker?"
Pat Morita: "Man who catch fly with chopsticks accomplish anything".

Corey Haim: "An innocent girl, a harmless drive. What could possibly go wrong?"

POPEYE (1980)
Popeye: "I’m Popeye the sailor man."

Popeye: "I'm a very tolerant man, except when it comes to holding a grudge."

Jon Cryer: "Despite my appearance at this function, I remain now, & will always be a Duckman!"

Jon Cryer: "Hey, drinking & driving don't mix. That's why I ride a bike!"

Andrew McCarthy: "You said you couldn't believe in anyone who didn't believe in you. I believed in you. You just didn't believe in me."

James Spader: "The girl was, is and will always be, nada."

ST. ELMO'S FIRE (1985)
Ally Sheedy: "Men... Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em."

"Its the way we do things that makes them different"

Nicolas Cage: "If they attack the car, save the radio!"

Elizabeth Daily: "What I'm trying to say, Julie, is that it's really hard for me to say what I'm trying to say".

"He's so greasy, he glides when he walks."

Ralph Macchio: "Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold".

Judd Nelson: "Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?"

Emilio Estevez: "Two hits, me hitting you, you hitting the floor."

Judd Nelson: "I wanna be just like you. I figure all I need is a lobotomy and some tights."